The Internet age is driving more people to do business online and many entrepreneurs and small businesses have a constant need of low skilled labor which they cannot afford to employ on a full time basis or on there own premises. To meet this demand, we offer virtual assistant services to businesses around the world. A virtual assistant can perform any type of computer based task which can be done off site, e.g Research, filing, emailing, invoicing, credit control, chasing up payment, typing, audio transcription etc, read more below:

Web design

What is web design?

Web design is used as a general term to describe all the different tasks involved in creating a web site such graphic design, information architecture and programming in various languages of code. It may concern also the content management and its visual presentation, the interaction design, the layout and the colors used in your website and it may involve both the aesthetics and the mechanics of a website's operation, although primarily it focuses on the look and feel of the web site - the design elements.

A few of the features incorporated in web design or web production are:
  • Font and colour selection
  • Graphic design and animation creation
  • Content creation
  • Navigation layout
  • e-commerce development
Benefits of web design

There is an incredible amount of benefits to having a website. If your business is not tuned in to the World Wide Web, it is a safe bet that your competition probably is. Here a short list of the main features involved in a good web site design:
  • Marketing
  • Various options as to how you choose to represent your company to the public
  • Advertisement of the products/services your company provides
  • Search engine optimization Expertise

We have expertise in the following technologies and adding to it very often.
  • Html, XHtml
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Flash
  • ASP
  • Java Script
  • CSS
  • Sql, MySql
Our developers also have extensive knowledge with experience with different Content Management Systems like Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Expression Web and others. Web Design Mauritius

Web Design Mauritius

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

What is search engine optimisation?
Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Positioning is the process of getting your site to the top of the major search engines for specific relevant keywords or phrases. Search engines display different kinds of listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), including: pay per click advertisements, paid inclusion listings and organic search results. Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is primarily concerned with advancing the goals of a website by improving the position of its organic search results for a wide variety of relevant keywords. Search engine optimisation strategies may increase both the number and quality of visitors of your web site.

How can search engine positioning help your business/organisation?
Search engine positioning services are designed to get your web site in the top rankings pages of search engines. We do this through an integration of the marketing mix with the optimisation of keywords/phrases, content, and web site design.

Benefits of search engine optimisation

Topping the results pages of the major search engines means increased sales:
  1. Draw in new clientele
  2. Generate more enquiries
  3. Increase the number of online purchases (requires e-commerce)
  4. Communicate with new visitors from around the globe
  5. Create a strong web presence
  6. Enhance the online brand of your organisation

Virtual Assistance Services

The need for extra assistance is often a requirement that can be unfeasible due to limited office space, equipment, or funds. In addition, the time it takes to find and train an assistant may be time that cannot be afforded.  For those businesses that experience regular (or a one-off) periods of heavy pressure due to excessive paper work and tasks, may too require the assistance of an extra body to ease the pressure when time calls.

The alternative to employing a full or part time assistant would be to use a Virtual Assistant from us. In this way you can have a virtual team working with you and you can grow your turnaround without it reflecting on your staff expenses.  Virtual Assistant are skilled as below; ( not exhaustive ) Web Development Graphic Design Blog setup Article writing/posting Blogging Translation Accounting Outbound calls Compiling reports from the net Social Bookmarking Calendaring Document Management.

Please get in touch with us now if you want to try one of our assistants for free, no strings attached.