Web Design in Mauritius

Arkis Data Ltd has been doing websites and graphic design for local companies based in Mauritius for a more than a year and our portfolio is rapidly growing to be the best in town. But we are still serving clients around the globe and we have a pretty good reference out there.

We currently code using html, xhtml, php, javascript, aspx, etc. We have a team of highly talented graphic designers and developers who want to be world class in whatever they do, this is quite the spirit at Arkis Data. Be world class and offer the client world class services.

Coming back to the basics, Why Do you need a website? You could google it and find some many answers but let us give you a more realistic and down to earth point of view, especially if you are a company based in Mauritius.

If you are in the tourism sector, a website is of prime importance as it will be a shopwindow for tourists who have not used your services. It is an inexpensive way of marketing your services, showing what you do best via pictures, videos and text to the whole world with constantly spending money like you would need to if you used TV or print media.

If your business is totally focused to the mauritian market, having a website will firstly improve your local image and brand. The people of mauritius are now using the internet more and more and the internet audience is growing exponentially. The governement of mauritius is doing huge efforts to supply computers at very low cost so that every mauritian becomes computer litterate. In other words if you do not get a website now, your competition surely will and they will better ranked than you, which you do not want of course.

A website is a "GREEN" way of advertising. At Arkis Data we encourage people to have a website as it is environmentally friendly and our prices are cheaper than our main competitors. In the long run, your website will represent you 24/7 on the web and to an unlimited amount of audience, may it be local or foreign.

If you are doing business in Mauritius and are still thinking if it is a good idea to have a web site designed then it's time to take action as your competitors will be doing so sooner or later. There is absolutely no harm of having one and we can assure you that at Arkis Data we have the ability to design your website and do search engine optimisation optimised so that you come on the first page of google and beat your competitors.

Call us on 208 72 33 if you have any questions or send us an email on sales@arkisdata.com.